Our Jacquard machines are getting more and more requested world wide,

Market is actually in expansion, and the Wilntex jacquard machines and looms are replacing the “old fashion” textile machinery. The particular aspect is their precision and reliability. Born from a European tech department and manufactured accordingly with the EU standards in the constantly flourishing Chinese industry, these outstanding pieces of engineering don’t have anything to envy to their European competitors.

Perhaps and in fact, the Wilntex products have an extra gear, price competitively. After years of experience in the weaving industry we came to the conclusion that machines such as the Tiger Jacquard and others amongst our product range are effectively producing the most known fashion brand in the world.

Even more astonishing is the success they actually make in those weaving companies that survived the big crises of the last decade, from Europe to the Middle East and even in America, the Wilntex products have proven to be machines that give great productive satisfactions.

If you knew what effectively these machines produce in terms of numbers in proportion to their costs you could plan to replace your entire plant…